08 January, 2014

Living the life youre given

I have not posted here in quite a while but I am excited to think about writing here again. 

I thought I might start on the topic of our lives. A small subject I know.. but one in need of some attention. 

Today in our large technologically enhanced world we run amok through the systems and have a sense of control over our lives. The jobs that we have ensure we feel a sense of security and even a sense of the future. "I know that tomorrow everything will be just fine, because I will be doing exactly what Ive been doing for the past 50 years." However this delightful feeling has a double edge. It is also the bane of our existence. We may not be able to put it into words but we feel trapped and limited by our need of security. It becomes isolating and it kills our spirit. I suspect this is partly what a mid-life crisis is all about. We finally learn that the way we thought was best, is the problem. 

I have had good fortune and through my own observations on how life works I expect good things are continually coming to me. I am forever being taught something about myself I had not known before, and my teachers come from all angles and when I least expect them. Through such experiences I have gained some clarity into the relationship that is my life and the larger movement of life around me. It seems that I am a mover and the moved. In the past decade I have experimented with both and Ive concluded that being moved is where real success lay. 

To say it simply we are here to live "gods" life. As we are connected to something larger, it stands that we have a purpose we may not fully grasp. Our desires and wishes are not as important as we may think and may only be new lessons which dont give us what we expect but give us what we need. The truth is that I like to think I have been in control of my life and have guided it, but if I look closer I find that I was actually given everything i have. The only decisions I have made were whether I went with the opportunity or not. How I viewed my life determined whether or not what I was receiving was worthy.

If we hold an intention in our minds then life will bring us opportunities, lessons you could say, on the path toward fulfilling that intention. The goal though is to know yourself deeper, not to receive a grand illusionary life filled with attachments and images, but to live a life. And what is life if not movement. To stagnate is to die. Depression and sadness are giving up, which has its place, because as we move and shake we also must be continually reborn. 

In conclusion I recommend you become aware of what life asks of you. Consider, if you will, that your life is a relationship between You and God. Replace God with whatever you want. You can Consciousness for instance. If you really ask where are we, why does this place exist, what is existence, where did it all start and will it ever end, you will find your way to this larger movement that has its own purpose. Start to see how your choices effect your life. Are you making this choice out of fear, desire, or do you see it as an opportunity even though it scares you. The goal again is self discovery, so anything we are afraid of is simply something we have yet to understand about ourselves. 

Give rather than take, and your reward is a joyous life.

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