28 March, 2012


We live outside of the garden of eden because our minds are broken. We are humans, freed from the confines of an animalistic consciousness. We now live in a mindset which is at constant odds with itself. One side constantly seeking comfort, the other... freedom. How do we find who we really are between the two? The confusion blinds us and, if we are not careful, binds us to things we can see, never realizing that we should never bind ourselves as we are free. What we see, is never the big picture.

We are born to be free. We have the gift to break free. Nothing is too big, too overwhelming, too binding. We give in, give up, and glue together pieces of things that we can wrap our minds around then call the gluey result "me", never realizing it is merely an idea.

Where do we go? Who do we turn to? Which way is up? Where are we? Where am I? Who am I?

Do not use your environment as your compass, only as a sign. Do not use others as your compass, only as guides. You are already free. You are adrift in an infinite beautiful sea. You do not need shelter. You do not need fear. We choose these things to feel secure. But you do not need that either. You already have it without trying. When insecurity has convinced you that you need security, you are lost. When you let go, you are free.

Be like a bird on the wind, a fish in a current, a flame within fire, and a worm within dirt. Be Free.

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