10 January, 2014

The Angel of Death

Recently I was hanging out with a few friends and the topic of death came up. We were told a story from one of our friends about a young mormon boy who he went to school with. He told us that the boy was a very happy kid and as polite as you could want. He was genuinely a good person and he was brought up in a way that made others value him because of the quality of his nature. One day during school a rumor started that a boy had died. Later they found out it was the boy. Everyone in the school dealt with a tragedy that day. Everyone could be found crying, sad, and consoling one another. Suddenly a reality hit them all that would forever change their lives. It was the idea that life ended, and sometimes, unexpectedly short.

During my biggest spiritual growth period I came up with a name for this called The Angel of Death. I know this is already a character of some sort but to me that is a great name for it. I find that during my life this angel comes and reminds me that life is important and short. It reminds me that my petty problems and stresses are shallow, and that I am living my life foolishly.

After the story a few of my friends began to express their distaste for the subject. It brought up emotions in them that were not desired for the moment. Personally though, I had dealt with a death of a loved one at an early age, thus the story touched me differently. I wasnt sure what to say so I mentioned the subject of The Angel of Death, which seemed to fall on deaf ears. I dont blame them, some of them had not dealt with death and truthfully it is a sad and difficult subject to broach.

I find that life brings us readjustments otherwise known as lessons. We are here to grow and learn about ourselves and death - being such a huge part of our lives - we will deal with it one day or another. I feel that losing your innocence is learning about the tragedy of our lives. We are born with a death sentence, and because of our identification with our lives and life itself we forget that we came from something before birth. Death is not the end just as birth was never the beginning. We blend seamlessly from one expression of god to another. God being the universe/existence we find ourselves a part of.

So I say let it touch you and teach you. Remember to be grateful for your life, but do not fear your death, fore this is less "real" than you realize.

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