11 June, 2010

Finding lost keys to the mansions

I used to study the Mayan year of 2012 but lost interest. I had all about given up on this date and the non stop stories of predictions that people have to go with it. Recently I came across a new 2012 video that explained what the Mayan perspective on the date and their cultures ultimate downfall because of their sheer ignorance of the truth. Through countless lifetimes of history keeping they knew that cycles of time and energy repeated themselves. They saw the universe of pattern and waves and saw that it has predictability. They knew a great change was coming. What they didnt know was that it would be the conquering spaniards and priests that came with them. The mayan leaders allowed themselves to be captured by the spaniards and were subsequently murdered. Then the Spaniards proceeded to murder millions of people, wiping out an entire continent. The Mayans were so mezmerized by their imagination of what change was coming that they didnt realize the truth of possibilities. If everything is a wave then the mayans were a culture at the top. But a wave doesnt fall instantly, it takes time to descend. I think the Mayan civilization may have been coming down from its high point and sinking to such a low point they would practically disappear.

If this is true, that a universal law is that everything acts as waves but in different scales then we should be able to see it in our lives. The fact is that we already know waves are everywhere and everything. Particles dont act like particles unless being observed, they act like waves. When they are observed waves of observation cancel out the natural flow of those waves. So it becomes quite obvious that, of course, reality has giant waves just as we would experience them in each second, minute, hour, day, year, lifetime. Think about the highs and lows you go through constantly. Now imagine you are a larger entity, like a global society, or the earth in general. You would still experience waves except in your own relative scale. If that is true then what is coming. We should be able to see something happening already.

So where we go from here is endless. This is where all the theorists come in an try to predict what may happen. Maybe we find enlightenment, maybe we go extinct, maybe the universe starts over, maybe we flip and become the opposite portion of the universe for a while. This sort of thinking was a place I spent much of my time. But as I said before it is also a place I have moved away from. I began to realize the delusional nature of it. The idea hit me that I am wasting my time and energy trying to predict the future when the truth was the only thing compelling me to do that was my fear of it. This is why the predictions are always so, messy. If we were content with our own reality and mortality then why would we need to look anywhere else for anything else?

We look because we are afraid, we are afraid because we are ignorant of who we really are. Who we really are is part of the infinite existence. You have lived infinite times, including this one. This is not new to you, which is why any revelation feels more like remembering. We are reality and we must exist in all forms. In you exists all things. You can change your consciousness in a heartbeat from human person in reality to the entity of all reality itself. You are it. There is no one out here, this is not my typing, believe it or not its actually a reflection of your mind. That is the truth. But its also true that it is just out there, that I am just writing it. We are all consciousness and infinitely connected. This was just a reminder. :D

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