06 September, 2010

Welcome to the afterlife

If you have spent some time trying to get a grasp on the idea of infinity, then you probably have realized that reality itself is infinite. Understanding reincarnation is not far off then. If I have lived infinite times then that means I have been every animal, every person, in all of the vastness of reality. Then it also means I am those beings right now and will be them in the future. So if that is the case then the reality is that you have died before and will do so again, as I am sure you already know.

The conclusion I find most fascinating is that all of this means that the life we experience now is the afterlife. There are a lot of religions in the world who imagine the afterlife to be some glorified palace in the clouds. Could this simply be perpetual wishful thinking of some better time to come that humans consistently suffer from? It reminds me of retirement. People , who slave away their whole lives, imagine they will be happy after they are done their years of servitude, only to question, in the end, what it was all for.

I think this is a natural way of thinking for us. We spend our time and energy hoping for some happy time to come instead of learning to enjoy the journey.

If this indeed the afterlife, I am in either heaven or hell? Well, doesn't it feel sometimes like the pain of a dark moment will never end? Then, through revelation (a revealing) we discover more about ourselves and are released from under the thumb of some dark thought. We are enlightened. From there we enter into the gates of heaven in this very moment. Not in some time to come. This is the very basis for "My father has many mansions", a famous quote by Jesus Christ.

If you have come to terms with your mortality then the reality of these ideas are not so scary. It seems like the more someone runs from the idea of their mortality, the farther from they find themselves from God, and the more they find themselves in hell and darkness. Because, at least in my view, most people don't seem to "go there", it may be that only a rare few do so willingly and the rest will go through some trama that forces them to see this. This is one way that God works.

It doesnt feel so bad being dead does it? We are duality and all things at once. We are dead and alive, we are happy and sad, loving and fearful. We are living potential. We seem to move in waves through hell then back into heaven.

From time to time we wish we could purely live in those heavenly moments and forget about darkness altogether. This is why we find ourselves in hell so much of the time. If you realized you were in both then you wouldnt need one or the other. Both exist together as one. This, I think, is the balanced type of thinking we are meant to discover as we mature. We are meant to live in harmony with reality but we cannot do that if we do not see reality, indeed ourselves, in its true nature.

I think any type of polarized thinking is hindering of potential because it takes away from the other side. How could you surf if you had no waves? How could you live if you did not have death. How could you love if there was not fear. How could you see you are given everything you need in life if you only choose to see that what you get is never enough. The fact is that both are true. But the limited mind will only choose one option. This behavior limits true potential of the self and in my mind breaks the bond between balance. This is where disease comes in.

When we are lost to a world of polarized identification then we lose the self that is limitless potential. Sickness and disease are signals to us, they are clear messages, typically fallen on deaf ears.

The goal is clear. To find balance in life. To live as intended by divinity itself. Not to argue and distract, but to find clarity and become free. We must learn to see where we are agreeing with being polarized. The only power we have to truly change is through the gift of awareness.

"The secret inlet into the realm of what is timeless and eternally true is our awareness of the present moment; for our awareness of now is not an awareness of a given time, but is vested in that higher consciousness through which the things of time move in and
out of creation."

-- Guy Finley

Ignorance is only bliss to a part of you that wishes to stay divided from knowing your true limitless self.

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