01 March, 2010

The path of life and death

Lately as I contemplate death and the near death experiences myself and others around me have had, I realized how greatful I am for the fact that I have survived all these years. There are many times that one wrong move would have ended my life but, as they say, life finds a way.

As these ideas dawn on me I compare them to ideas of quantum reality. I started to ask - "why me? why did I survive and why do others die? why did I not die?". This line of thinking inevitably lead me to the realization that we do indeed die every minute of our lives. All those ignorant tricks that should have killed you, did. If you die every moment then how are you still living? As reality splits off into all possibilities we must consider that we experience death in each moment as our new self is born.

You may say that this sounds wrong because why do other people die around you and do not continue with life. Life appears to end but does indeed continue. Death is merely a point of perception. Though we may move through our life with these possible deaths that does not mean that the bodily form you are in doesn't expire. It does cease to take the form it is in, but it moves into other forms. The big question is where do I go after this body dies?

If you think about dying every possible way through your life yet still find yourself experiencing the living experience then you should start to see that you are not your body. You are merely experiencing this event in life. The real question is "who are you?". We forget who we are. We are infinite life experiencing itself. To see this you must realize that you are death and life on all levels, not just this life. I think this can be hard to do for most people because most souls develop a strong identification with their body and believe so whole heartily that they are their body that they fear death.

I do not say for certain that i know where you go when you die but if you need to ask that question then you should ask where you are when your living. It is not an easy question to answer. I think that is because you are everywhere. When you die you will still be everywhere. Its hard for people to see how we are all one until you actually start to look at these questions. I dont think we are separate, only our bodies and souls appear to be.

Next time you are sitting with a friend or at work or just with other people, try to imagine your observing consciousness inside each of them. Try to see that their consciousness in that moment is the same as the one inside of you. If you can fathom that and see it then your on your way to seeing oneness. Expand that to the trees, to the rocks, to the air, to the wind and water. See that all this life is you and it is its specific nature for a reason, just as you are.

What would it be like to be infinite? Ponder that for a while. Hopefully you will find yourself staring at reality and seeing that it represents exactly what it would be like to be infinite. So if you are part of infinity, then you are infinity, but within that you also have a finite part to experience. And thus is the life of infinite life. The path of life and death.


Nina Powers said...

Loved the viewpoint you described here. It's worth some serious processing. If change is death, and death is change, we die with every new experience. I love brain candy - something to mull over and savour. Thank You:)

Ash said...

When you started this post I thought of reincarnation. It was very comforting to think in these terms that things never actually but have another life...

If I lived forever I would probably be miserable. I would watch things pass away and be all alone.

Christine Marsh said...

This is a really interesting viewpoint. It goes along with what I ahve believed for years, and it is nice to see someone else writing about it. It is hard to be sad or disturbed about death when you think this way.
Christine Marsh
Visionary Artist