06 January, 2010

The New Golden Beta Male Age

There is an idea that there are only two responses in life. Fight or Flight. We need a new way and I think the new-age and metaphysics community is bringing an ancient spiritual secret back to life. The Secret is flow. And its about time we decided to truely go with the flow.

In social animals, the alpha male is the individual in the community with the highest rank. He controls groups and his external environment and this makes him the protector. I think we are reaching a level where we understand we dont need this level of consciousness. And that this consciousness in fact limits our potential by its very nature. Along with this we can also see that "Flight" or fleeing, is also fruitless. Fear that makes creatures run or fight is meant for something more in the human being. We have the unique privilege to discover this unique nature called the human experience. Fear is a guide for the inner nature. Fear does not take place in your soul. It is an energy that speaks to you. It speaks to you constantly.

This new age of being I like to call, the age of the beta male. What I mean by beta is is we are a work in progress. A beta male would realize this fact and allow himself/herself to be changed by reality itself. Just as you would call a piece of software that is still in development. We are a beta version under constant development and meant for higher purpose. Individually as humans we grow one moment at a time. Minute by minute we are affected by the world around us and we become new people with every beat of our heart. We are doing this collectively as a species. We are really young as a species so the relationship we have with life is that of a teenager. We are scared, not sure what the world will have waiting for us when we actually decide to go with it, and wish someone would just pay our bills and hug us. Its time to take your life into your hands and let the universe show you yourself in the multicolored pool of its infinite waters.

They say the universe is expanding. We are the universe. We are all experiencing growing together and growing wiser together at the same time. I think this is why groups will feel like there is a great awakening happening from time to time. And it may be more true than we realize. Though it may be limited to bursts of awakenings, as the 60's hippy revolution and even the renascence, none the less we are walking on the water and experiencing the waves of life that reveal our true potential and purpose.

So what has people running to the hills over 2012? This is the same mode of fear we jump into when we are faced with a real truth. In this case it would be the fact we all die and that we dont yet know what happens after. That the unknown is more prevalent than the known. If you get over that nature then you are left realizing there are infinite possibilities, infinite lives to live.

Here is a link to an old documentary I made about the mayan calendar and 2012. Its basic info and my perception of reality has shifted greatly since then. But its worth a watch if you have 10 minutes to spare.

They say at 2012 the world with end as you know it. But that is a vague statement. So many people live in fear that they automatically assume that means it will be destroyed. This is their current nature so this is all they can see. The truth is that the earth is always ending as we know it. Because how we know it keeps changing. I think we may be destined for a significant change as we always seem to be. Though this does not mean totally annihilation of the physical world. It could mean an annihilation of our inner reality. Apocalypse literally means a revealing. When the inner reality changes the outer one changes too. Afterall the universe is a reflection of your soul.

The truth will set you free.


anonymous said...

hey man really cool bog you have here! i agree with you that old evelotionary mechanics of 'flight' or 'flight aren't really applicable to us humans in this era. A thought i've had about this- the whole idea that there are only 2 responses to any give situation, right? well maybe 'fight' or 'flight' are bad choices of words. I think that fundimentally the only two responses we can ever have for something is either 'yes' or 'no'. We can either accept something for what it is, or we can reject it and get angry about it? in other words, we can only EVER have a positve reaction, or a negative reaction, but while for many people the reaction is automatic, i think it's really a choice. hope this makes sense

and yeah i totally agree with your comments on my blog about the meditaiton and trying to stop thinking thing. I know this is something i really do need to work on, and would befinit me a lot if i did. When I have tried to quiet the mind, via meditation, or just trying to live in a state of 'awareness' (being in the moment and trying to observe your thoughts and senses) it can be scary at first totally. but it also brings me a sense of inner calm, i totally want to start doing this more.

astrogalaxy said...

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