07 October, 2008

You think its 2008, its closer to the year 2,156

The Gregorian calendar is the most widely used calendar in the world today. It was first proposed by the Calabrian doctor Aloysius Lilius, and decreed by Pope Gregory XIII, after whom it was named, on 24 February 1582 by papal bull Inter gravissimas. It is a reform of the Julian calendar. Years in the reformed calendar continue the numbering system of the Julian calendar, which are numbered from the traditional Incarnation year of Jesus, which has been labeled the "anno Domini" (AD) era, and is sometimes labeled the "common era" (CE), otherwise known as the "Christian Era". The Gregorian calendar system dropped 10 days to bring the calendar back into synchronization with the seasons and, to keep it there. But the calendar was being used as a year system and not a system for determining the place within the age. Even the idea of ages became a sort of pegan practice.

Then the question should be posed if Jesus never really existed then when is this calendar supposed to really start? What supposedly happened in the year zero that was so significant a calendar system was started from it. The Great Year is a 26,000 year cycle consisting of 12 ages, each 2,160 years long. The ages are determined by the poles of the earth and whatever constellation the north pole points to determine the age. We are set to enter the Aquarian age at some point but there is no exact timeline. According to different astrologers' calculations, approximated dates for entering the Age of Aquarius range from 1447 AD (Terry MacKinnell) to 3621 (John Addey). The start date for the Aquarian age is highly contentious and there is no uniform agreement upon the date or process leading from the previous Pisces age to the Aquarian age (or between any two ages).

The Mayan calendar ends on 2012 and that is when they believed the new age began. Energies, vibrations and consciousness shifts at this point to create a whole new paradigm for the state of life on earth. If the ages are said to be 2,150-2,160 years long and the age is ending in 4 years, it gets me thinking. Maybe Morpheus wasnt speaking to neo, maybe he was speaking to the one, the great oneness that is all life but for us most notably a oneness of humanity. I see the matrix as a waking up point, a catalyst for change. He said to neo, it is closer to the year 2199, than to the year 1999, as for the specific date they cannot be sure. For they had torched the skies in order to stop the machines. If the new age is starting in 4 years and the age length of 2,160 years is correct then we are really closer to the year 2,156. We have torched the skies indeed. Sent the practices of astrology and astronomy to very different corners of society. We couldnt get to the stars so we brought the stars to us, now they light our roads and homes. But what we fail to consider is with all this light all the time we have drownd out the night sky and a general knowledge of the relationship between our earthly space ship and the universe. But its coming back.


Jon Kidd said...

I enjoyed that. I just posted on the topic of Orion. An amazing thing to think about. Being in a different date all together.

Keep moving forward wise one!

Brodie said...

I think you are fucking amazing.