01 October, 2008


A halo is an optical phenomenon that appears near or around the Sun or Moon. Jesus appears many time as having a halo over his head, as do angels. Christianity comes from sun worshiping which is why they worship on Sunday and why the son of god has a halo. But there are dozens of stories that match the jesus story
exactly, they are all sun worshiping stories.

A Solar Deity (also Sun God(dess)), is a deity who represents the sun, or an aspect of it. People have worshiped these for all of recorded history. Sun worship was exceptionally prevalent in ancient Egyptian religion. The earliest deities associated with the sun are Wadjet, Sekhmet, Hathor, Nut, Bast, Bat, and Menhit. First Hathor, and then Isis, give birth to and nurse Horus and Ra.

Another interesting Halo effect is the Great Year and the Precession of the Equinoxe. The whole concept of the ‘Great Year’ is based upon a genuine astronomical phenomenon. The Earth’s axis is not fixed and includes a slight ‘wobble’, properly called ‘nutation’, usually compared to that of a spinning-top when it is slowing down. This means that the poles describe circles, and that the North Pole does not always point to the same star or even any star.

The Great Year is a 26,000 year cycle consisting of 12 ages, each 2,160 years long. The ages are determined by the poles of the earth and whatever constellation the north pole points to determines the age. Cycles of time are the result of three movements of the Earth. The rotation around the Earth's axis causes day and night. Our yearly orbit around the sun brings the four seasons. The third movement comes as a result of the gravitational pull of the sun and moon which causes the earth to gyrate, shifting the poles at the rate of one degree every 72 years. The earth shifts so that in 26,000 years the north pole points to four different stars.

Haylo on Heroes: Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia are dating. Hayden is the cute cheerleader noted as "save the cheerleader, save the world". She cannot die and is very special. Milo plays Peter Petrelli the hero who obsorbs others powers and also cannot die because of it. They resonate adam and eve to me. Milo has also completed a movie called "The Chaos Theory" which we see playing out all around us these days. and is the illuminati or masonic motto (i forget which). Hayden will also be in a movie called "Alpha and Omega" which is apparently a story about "Two mismatched young wolves thrown are together by circumstance". I Am Alpha and Omega (Ancient Greek: τὸ Α καὶ τὸ Ω) is an appellation of God in the Book of Revelation . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpha_and_Omega .

I find it quite fascinating that the the idea of a halo in whatever form is starting to resonate so strong. There is the obvious halo science fiction video game which won many awards and game of the year i dont know how many times. The game which is to be made into a 2009 movie halo, and is still uncertain if it will be created, focuses on a navy captain, his surviving marines, and a chemically-and-surgically-enhanced super soldier named John-117 "Master Chief" must find out what the Covenant, the genocidal alien race they are at war with, are looking for on the ring. "However, Halo holds more secrets than either side imagined." The Master Chief is thought to be the last SPARTAN alive. This character resonates strongly the Stallone character from Demolition Man John Spartan, a cryogenically frozen police officer who is unfroze and genetically enhanced, as well as his crime lord counterpart Wesley Snipes.

A strikingly in your face idea I stumbled upon is the logo from the game series HALO. Almost like Stanley Kubrick is speaking directly to me through the ripple of the resonating time wave (my name is dave, hal likes to say hi to dave). Hal 9000 (Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic Computer) is a fictional computer in Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey saga. His name HAL clearly stands out and the all seeing eye that HAL was known for is clearly staring us in the face. The Eye of Providence or the all-seeing eye is a symbol showing an eye surrounded by rays of light or a glory. It is sometimes interpreted as representing the eye of God keeping watch on humankind. Halo the first game of the series was released in November 15. 2001. Which should stand right out because HAL is from the movie 2001 a space odyssey. So really the wave of reality seems to be quite obvious.

In the film Independence Day, when David Levinson opens up his laptop onboard the captured alien spaceship, HAL's interface camera is shown and the laptop says in HAL's voice, "Good Morning, Dave". Which is a fun piece of trivia but it makes me wonder if it is resonating to me this idea of the OCT 14 craft which is set to appear. This very well could be our Independence Day.

Halos are fictional megastructures and superweapons in the Halo video game series. They are alternately referred to as "Installations" by their AI monitors, and are collectively referred to as "the Array" by the installations' creators, the Forerunner. The Forerunners are a long-lost species which are first cryptically mentioned in Halo: Combat Evolved. Little is revealed about the Forerunner in the video games, but Halo 3 reveals to players that humanity is in fact related to the long-dead race; humanity is thus the only race which can "reclaim" the keys which activate the Halo network. The megastructure is a hollowed out planet that becomes a Ring World, which even the creators of the game felt was ripping off Larry Niven; best-known work is Ringworld (1970). He is interestingly the great-grandson of an oil-tycoon. Illuminati or Masonic ritual and religious beliefs might resonate this mind.

The story of Ringworld opens up in the year 2855 with a 200 year old character named Louis. The character takes something called BoosterSpice which is a drug that extends human life to near immortality. BoosterSpice seems to act the same exact way as Melange Spice from the novel DUNE. The most essential and valuable commodity in the universe, melange is a geriatric drug that gives the user a longer lifespan, greater vitality, and heightened awareness; it can also unlock prescience in some subjects, depending upon the dosage and the consumer's physiology. This prescience-enhancing property makes interstellar travel possible.

A sort of Spice substance has recently turned up in the Syncrosphere as they call it. Steve Wilner the videotronic guru of syncs recently edited together a video for a company that sells white powder gold. Which they claim brings Superhealth Through Modern Alchemy. The coined name is "monatomic", (man-atomic, atomic-man?). He seems to be promoting them like mad, I dont know if it means its good stuff or what.

An interesting HALO - HAL sync is the being that manages the installation, 343 Guilty Spark, who has been doing so for 101,217 local years, a local year being the amount of time it takes Threshold to orbit its star. This orb being is also a super computer that would be a spitting image of HAL if he was red and didnt fly around freely. The name Spark reminds me clearly of the All Spark from the Transformers movie. It is a mysterious cube that is the bringer of life.

Tom Cruise the Scientology Prophet and media presence actually became halo'ed in the film Minority Report. Being halo'ed is being put in a device that sustains your body, a ring is put on the head of the precriminal which puts them in a dream state. This also resonates with the headband used in the 13th floor when the lead character finds himself ourside of his simulation he takes off his headband that let him experience it. To complete the syncs it seems, in the movie The Demolition Man where John Spartan (Stallone) and Lt. Lenina Huxley (Sandra Bullock) want to have sex they simply put on headbands and have digital sense sex. And to top this cake one of our heroes from Independence day , as mentioned above, Will Smith, is now a great friend with Tom Cruise and is said to be a Scientologist now as well.

CERN, the last HALO on my list, is the large particle accelerator ring that is buried underground through France and Switzerland. CERN's main function is to provide the particle accelerators and other infrastructure needed for high-energy physics research. Not only is this giant experiment in the shape of a halo but Public chooses 'Halo' as its new name. In the article they go on to say:
"Halo conjures visions of radiant beauty, power and wisdom. The circle of light reflects the collider's form; it is a crowning achievement of science and engineering. It also gives more than a nod to the experiment's importance to religious debate.
The inside machinery of CERN and the headband semi reality resonate the movie Total Recall for me quite strongly.

The Terminator himself finds he is in a new reality, but he actually just woke up to his own reality, that is actually was a spy and the machine had jolted his frequency to see the truth yet again. This follows the same ideas that have been talked about few a few weeks now that we are possibly creator beings asleep. This is mentioned in the nines, in the 13th floor, in the matrix. Syncromystics seem to think this is the direction we are headed and i agree completely. I think we are the infinite oneness and all we need to do is graduate.


foxsyd said...

I like that Hayden and Milo or Claire and Peter resonating Adam and Eve. (I'm a fan of the Halo) Actually found myself reading Peter/Claire fan fiction yesterday, which usually is not my thing, because uncle and niece. But it wasn't bad.

BTW: Milo is not in the the Chaos Theory which is doing the rounds right now, he's in another movie, a indie of the same title, that's not been released anywhere yet, when it's released it might have a different name by that time.

Anonymous said...

In Alexander Hislop's "Two Babylons or the Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife," he addresses the origin of the halo, or nimbus, around the heads of the Madonna, Christ, and various saints in Roman Catholic iconography: "...another remarkable characteristic of these pictures worthy of notice...is the nimbus or peculiar circle of light that frequently encompasses the head of the Roman Madonna. With this circle the heads of the so-called figures of Christ are also frequently surrounded. Whence could such a device have originated? In the case of our Lord, if His head had been merely surrounded with rays, there might have been some pretence for saying that that was borrowed from the Evangelic narrative, where it is stated, that on the holy mount His face became resplendent with light. But where, the the whole compass of Scripture, do we ever read that His head was surrounded with a disk, or a circle of light? But what will be searched for in vain in the Word of God, is found in the artistic representations of the great gods and goddesses of Babylon. The disk, and particularly the circle, were the well-known symbols of the Sun-divinity, and figured largely in the symbolism of the East. With the circle or the disk the head of the Sun-divinity was encompassed. The same was the case in Pagan Rome. Apollo, as the child of the Sun, was often thus represented. The goddesses that claimed kindred with the Sun were equally entitled to be adorned with the nimbus or luminous circle. We give from "Pompeii" a representation of Circe, "the daughter of the Sun" with her head surrounded with a circle, in the very same way as the head of the Roman Madonna is at this day surrounded." Then in a footnote to the depiction of Circe noted, he adds, "'This picture,' adds the author of "Pompeii," 'is remarkable , as teaching us the origin of that ugly and unmeaning glory by which the heads of saints are often surrounded...this glory was called nimbus, or aureola, and is defined by Servius to be "the luminous fluid which encircles the heads of the gods. [...] It belongs with peculiar propriety to Circe, as the daughter of the Sun. The emperors, with their usual modesty, assumed it as the mark of their divinity; and under this respectable patronage it passed, like many other Pagan superstitions and customs, into the use of the Church.' The emperors here get rather more than a fair share of the blame due to them. It was not the emperors that brought "Pagan superstitions" into the Church, so much as the Bishop of Rome." p. 87.
Hislop also points out that, while the uninitiated vulgar "Sun-worshipers" worshiped the LITERAL sun, the select few initiates worshiped the true personage BEHIND the symbol...
I highly recommend Hislop's book...I believe there is a free e-copy on the net...well worth checking out.

Majapahit said...

I would like to comment on synchronicity...
Did anyone watch The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie?

Check out the characters:

Neptune, The King - can be personified or symbolized as the Dawn Aquarian/Water age. Note how he personified Sun God figure when his bold head being exposed (lol). the word Nep-tune can be also slipped into Nap-tune -- The frequency responsible for humanity's state of sleep/ignorance (nap) in the first place (because tuned into traditional God).

Mindy - His daughter is mind-y. (the Mind (Sacred feminine) Giver/Motivator/Creative/Imagination). Every hero's pointer-guide, also time/timing 'keeper/helper'.

One (All Seeing) Eye Plankton - is the enemy who try to control/hypnotized the world through the media - The latest SP episode also called him as "The Dead (Sanpaku) Eye". The other enemy at the 'other world' (land) also happened to be "Cyclops" - So the biggest and the smallest enemy was "The One Eyed" (as above so below...)

SP the hero/savior -- is accompanied/helped by Patrick "STAR" which related to today's movie-synchronicity discussion. Note how SP resembled Jesus famous quote "Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.".

Goofy Goober (double g)- The children composer/soul; can be flipped to echo Steve Willner's latest double 9 resonator.

Dennis is Sinned

(King/Star of) David is simply a hassle -hoff?

Mister Crab is..well you know who he is if you follow SP episode...


Did they knew what they're doing? ...or something getting intense with this matrix?

Majapahit said...

while I remember...(continuing)

M.Krabs complete name (often yelled by Neptune) is Eugene Krabs or sounded as "Your Gene's Crap" which might refer to "Junk DNA" >> which coincidentally also being frozen/ halt/inactivated by Neptune until certain promised time. The 'Cheap' nature of Mr. Krabs might also support "Your Gene's Crap!" inactivation code (lol).

SP also went to the area called "Shell City", guarded by One Eye's Cyclops...where every form of life there were actually being shaped to be artificial/fake. (current modern life value)

Star (of) David (Hasselhoff) resembling "Merkaba" or the vehicle for each of initiates (soul) which had passing certain test. He/It was also being use to create "The Water Door/Stargate" for them to go back home -- after long adventurer journey.

There were also so many 2K (Krusty Krabs) scenes being amplified, and how Patrick Slammed a plane to the middle of building , Skull & Bones, The Twin (Gemini) 99 resonator, "March For Teens" (March 14), etc.

I just wonder whether all of those carefully directed, hidden messages or just simply synchronicity...