19 October, 2008

We will meet ourselves in the infinite singular moment

I was listening to Paul Levy interview and he made the analogy of many grains of sugar dissolving in water one by one, until the last grain combines with all the rest to form a crystal, sort of like the straw that broke the camels back. See I think that the mayan calendar and the timewave zero ideas are all about how fast the changes are taking place. i know the timewave is all about a fractal growth of compounding experiences. It does seem that the crystals are happening faster. That experiences in time are quickening, the termed coined by coast to coast radio host art bell.

His book describes the ideas of living through threats of global economy, government, aids, ebola, nuclear terrorism, volcanos and earthquakes. And because of these experiences we will soon see increased spiritual awareness. The mayan calendar and the timewave zero effect both describe the condensing of experiences into smaller and smaller instances of time. Effectively forcing the higher conscious beings to experiences time faster and faster into what seems to be an infinite moment where we are fully in the singular moment.

I think this idea is the same as how buddha achieved enlightenment. Buddhism is not really a religion with a godhead. It is a way of learning to control ones mind. The buddha taught that the best way to live life is in the moment. The past is an illusion just as the future holds worry, doubt, and hope. The one singular moment is nirvana. I think this is how time stops, by perceiving that it doesn't exist. And i think we are growing toward that. I think that what we are experiencing is a desensitizing effect. The more concepts we are faced with the less pressure is put on us to live in the past or future, and thus we find ourselves in this moment.

I personally feel my being coming into closer and closer contact with what we might call enlightenment. I feel like we are all climbing a ladder of consciousness. Some people can see where others are and where they have been. They can also look to see where they are going and what is to come.

I wonder if I am the only one experiencing life more and more as a single individual. I dont run on the concept that I am an individual mind you, I cant even seem to feel other beings as seperate anymore. Or at least not very often. I find that the deeper I go into consciousness, awareness, philosophies, and oneness, the more I find myself alone. I think that this is due to the clarity one derives from such experiences. When we go head first into such things we find ourselves more and more in the single moment. We are less likely to become attached to anything and this even means people, ideas, and belongings. My head seems to be a jumble of random thoughts and concepts. But they seem to guide me to the single moment everytime they are called into action. They are used in moments that require reflection and judgement.

Personally I find myself alone in an oasis of wonder and excitement. Alone in the vast landscapes of my own mind. I cannot say that I am fully enlightened but I can feel myself coming closer to it. The singularity. i think this is what 2012 is, I think that I am god, you are all apart of me. But no more than you are god, and I am a part of you. Is the feeling of awakening a simple mans journey, or is it god waking up to discover himself exactly where he is? When I sit with a friend, or speak on the phone to a loved one, the conversation they present to me tends to be focused on such a low end of consciousness that I have no reply. I find myself bored with the mundane topics of our everyday existence. I either wait for the right moment, or make one, and start speaking as if from the very core and depths that my mind has traveled. I go directly to the level I am climbing and just as they lost me, I seem to loose them.

I think this is the gap that is forming between the awakened and the blind. Though some awakening individuals still find they are struggling with a particular stage, they are still climbing the ladder. I dont think the blind are out just yet though. I think if one does not go with the flow of trying to grow and understand then one is forced into it. Reality beckons us to grow and mature as the infinite being we are. We find it hard to accept and look at because it means accepting who and what we are. And thats a scary thing to accept for some people. The idea that we are the reality beckoning our own selves to wake up. So reality pushes and nudges, giving disease and pain in ones life in order to help them grow from it and wake up to concepts of the infinite being.

I increasingly find less attention pointed my way. Everyones attention seems to be focused on the hot spots reality is sharing; The election, martial law and illuminati, the NWO and economic slavery and so on. I suspect though that the friends I have developed are awakening too, and find just as I did, less and less of a need to argue with reality, but rather learn directly and to just go with the flow. I am myself finding it harder and harder to share with people, not out of fear but out of an inner need. It seems to have disappeared. I feel as if I have completed a circle and now Im along for the ride, climbing higher and higher perceptions of being. The questions I used to frequently get were of reality and oneness. I was happy to take time away from my regular painting to answer everything. The questions slowly stopped coming, and I can only hope that this is because i no longer have a need for them, and the senders have grown past that need as well. The answers given were accepted greatly, just to note.

Enlightenment is reaching high states of consciousness and living in the single moment. Yogis are noted as staying far away from society on their own spiritual journeys. They typically do not talk to people and find it difficult to share their knowledge and ideas. I think this is because the concepts and journeys they have traveled as so far ahead of the normal person that they are sort of like a genius. In the bible Jesus was said to appear to people sometimes as a child, sometimes as an elder. And I think this is one example of how to share with the beings around us. We must identify their levels and communicate with them on their level. Could it be that there are beings in this universe so far advanced then that communicating with us is almost an impossibility. But like I said earlier, I personally find it increasingly difficult to push myself to revert back to far surpassed concepts. Most of the time as well the person speaking to you has no wish to truly grow, and thus any advice given is advice gone unheard. Sometimes though It would be a great thing to know how to speak to someone who is really seeking to grow.

"As mentioned in a previous post, I feel that sharing can be a sneaky way of giving away any power you accrue.. This may be a subconscious sabotage of your own awakening. That is, if the material is really meaningful to you, why not keep it to yourself and incorporate it into your being, rather than trying to boost up your own ego? There is a fine line between helping another person and trying to paint yourself as an "awakened one".

Most of us have a genuine desire to awaken, but we've been conditioned to treat ourselves as marketable objects. This information can be used to create an "enlightened being" object for others to interact with, and that would be missing the point, I think." -seecubedeye [ A Journeyer from RedIceCreations private forum]

Another Quote from the same forum post.

"Arguments about politics, religion hook you and divert you away from higher ideas. There are some people I don't even talk to any more that used to be pretty good friends. Why scrabble in the mud when there's heaven to ponder. I just started reading Carlos Castaneda's The Art of Dreaming. Don Juan has explained that the world we perceive "is only one in a cluster of consecutive worlds, arranged like the layers of an onion." And that the art of dreaming, as he calls it, is to perceive those other energetic worlds. I saw something while I was on acid that must have been from one of those other worlds. It's not easy to find anyone willing to discuss something like that. So, there are fields of inquiry that make our time in these particular bodies interesting." -barbh [ A Journeyer from RedIceCreations private forum]


Leon Basin said...

I love your blog a lot....!

cris said...

Your Blog should be really known ..maybe on scribd you can post some of your thoughts

Thulsa Doom said...

I did not know how amateur my blog was until just now. excellent work

Derek Collins said...

Please research how the New Age philosophy is linked with the occult, Theosophy (which highly influenced Adolf Hitler), and Luciferianism. Have an open mind and question every "teacher" you come across. The evolution of man into enlightenment and godhood is the oldest of all lies!

cris said...

"The evolution of man into enlightenment and godhood is the oldest of all lies!" if this is a lie , the religion is a lie then what is left for us human beings ....please bring some light on this subject

Derek Collins said...

First of all, thank you for responding. I believe all religions are a lie. Myself being a Christian, I can tell you that though it is considered by the masses to be a religion, Jesus teaches about relationship with God and actually teaches against ritualistic religion.

The very first lie Satan told to Eve was that man could be like God. Gnosticism, Hinduism, Buddhism, New Age all teach these things.