31 July, 2008

The Probe Molecules

Today I was introduced to a podcast of the late Terence Mckenna giving a small speech at a UFO conference. He made some amazing correlations with psychedelics and alien life forms. He goes on to say that mushrooms are the direct vessel for understanding reality and that they were given to our planet as probes from a 'far out' alien species. A species with an intelligence unimaginable and technology unfathomable. Describing them as a species is even too dense of a concept because these life forms might understand reality so fluently that they might exist only as energy.

This idea of the probe at a molecular level really intrigues me. Terence had also mentioned that if you wanted to speak to a lower end species like us you would have to figure out a way to do it that is subtle. Crop circles are a terrible medium for such contact. Whats amazing about psychedelic compounds is that they have a certain voice to them. I know myself on salvia and lsd i have heard such voices. They have spoken to me. But as I have stated before in a previous entry they do not use words but rather the feeling of what they are saying comes through. Whether you are Mayan, American, German, or Scandinavian, the message still comes through loud and clear. The molecule speaks to you in your native tongue.

We send probes out into deep space and they send back information that we can understand of the world in which we have sent them. A world we cannot experience because it is impossible to traverse to. Terence suggests these probes are like a calling card of sorts. They use the phone home method of sending the information back. Most people experience other beings when they try DMT, lsd, salvia and mushrooms and these beings are alien to us because of where they exist. When we try these drugs we are given insight and information but we also give it out. It has full access to our inner most being at the molecular level.

All of these drugs can provide very grand and amazing experiences and give enormous insight into our very own reality. "Psychedelics do not cause addictions. They do not ruin lives or made people feel like robbing banks. Nothing has ever been put against them except that give you funny ideas. They have not made UFO's illegal but they sure have make psychedelics illegal. This is because this is the portal to a deep fundamental communication. Meeting aliens will not happen on the white house lawn and we wont see it on time magazine. They will happen in an altered state of mind. Most cases of sightings and visitations take place in an altered state of mind. UFO's are not for our amusement, they are for our transformation. We can play the game and wait for them to show up on CNN or we can go to the end of the movie. "

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