30 July, 2008

Our Golden Age

The term Golden age stems from Greek mythology and legend. It refers to the highest age in the Greek spectrum of Iron, Bronze, Silver and Golden ages, or to a time in the beginnings of Humanity which was perceived as an ideal state, or utopia, when mankind was pure and immortal. A "Golden Age" is known as a period of peace, harmony, stability and prosperity. In literary works, the Golden Age usually ends with a devastating event, which brings about the Fall of Man. It also begins with chaos and devastation. If you want to learn what is going to happen then you must look at history.

According to Giorgio de Santillana, the former professor of history at MIT, there are over 200 myth and folkstories from over 30 ancient cultures that spoke of a cycle of the ages tied to the movement of the heavens. Some Utopianist beliefs, both political and religious, hold that the Golden Age will return after a period of blessedness and gradual decadence is completed. Other proponents, including many modern day Hindus, believe a Golden age will gradually return as a natural consequence of the changing yugas.

As we fly through space we do circles around our sun. the traditional way of looking at the solar system was shown that way because it was easier to understand. but this is how it actually happens. you can see how there is a wave effect, the same as sound or water would create. and the waves are all in different places and in different times. So we are in a new place every moment. If you imagine yourself flying back through space and time and finding the point where you were then you can hone in on it a little easier it seems. This is how we re-live the energies on the planet. If we were in one places and never moved we would never see any changes.

So now it becomes a little more clear how we change with the energies and that this is exactly what the zodiacs explain. We are moving into the age of Aquarius and moving through the water door or stargate.

I think we are at the dawn of our golden age. The mayans said that we are leaving the 4th world and entering the fifth. I think this means the cycles we have seen in the previous turns of our planet, we will see agian. The mayans werent however mapping the movements of planets in space. They were mapping the evolution of consciousness. Their calendar shows that every cycle evolution speeds up x20.

I can tell the times are changing and it seems like they are changing for the very positive. They will not stay this way forever but could last anywhere from 20-2000 years or more. The energies that we experience seem to come directly from the core of the universe and the sun itself. The changes I am seeing are various and have to do with the human story and the human awareness/awakening.

The human life seems to be a simple story or complicated story, in any case it only wants to hear more and more stories. Our conversations are stories, movies, books, games, these are all ways of expressing and being a part of a story. I think our golden age will have this at its core. We are seeing super heroes come alive like never before. Previous super hero shows and movies were good but todays movies are so realistic and powerful that they cannot be overlooked as just another movie. I think we have come to a place where our technology and skill for telling stories effectively is possibly the end or only the beginning of great story telling.

People seem to be waking up to reality a little more these days as well and this story telling might have something to do with it. I have heard hundreds of storys in my life and at my age I cant help but look at my life and see it is just another story and that I am the lead actor. I wake up everyday and pretend to be david shearer who lives in BC canada and works as an artist, i pretend this because its who i believe I am based on my story and everyone elses stories.

What does this mean to be in a golden age? Its hard to say just yet, I dont think we are meant to know so soon. The experiences that await us all are sure to be full of action, sadness, scaryness, and the funny. If your negative then you will see the negative, if your positive then you will see the positive. Maybe this just goes to show that we are the writers and directors of our stories, maybe its time to take that responsibility.

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