29 July, 2008

Duel Brain, Duel Reality

Recently I bought and watched the full 5 hour dvd set of Nassim Haramein's Crossing the Event Horizon. (http://www.theresonanceproject.org/products.html) This interesting, to say the least, dvd was a brand new line of thinking for me. In his lecture he explains reality as sacred geometry and how all matter is simply mini blackholes and that we in fact live inside a black hole. Which is why it is so dark in space.

This is the way he shows this idea. In the center if you were looking down from the top of it you would see a black hole going through it. The ideas he suggests are 'out there' in some aspects but very thought provoking non the less.

This got me to thinking about how we perceive reality and the shapes of our brains. Our brains are also shaped in this torus shape.

Our left brain and right brain are tools for reality. our left brain is focused on the real sensory input devices, what is real and physical, it organizes our thoughts and only understands things through linear time (future and past). The left brain reality is said to be real by people because it helps us ground ourselves somewhere and is the basis for most peoples reality. but the left brain is just chemical reactions just like the right brain. Our right brain on the other hand lives in the moment. It is said to be our imagination station. and I say all experiences we feel are real, whether they come from the left or right brain.

A scientist would say that imagination is not real because it is a chemical interaction in the brain, but like i said the left brain is just a series of chemical interactions too. So if we get experience and feelings from both sides of our reality, through our brains, then whats to say which is real and which isnt? We cannot say one is or isnt, we can doubt that.

I think our two hemispheres are there to help us balance ourselves within reality. which is why we need to sleep. we can sleep too much or not enough which causes an unbalance and possible DIS-ease. so with that said i think our right brains are simply honing in on the other side of reality that we live in every day. the side that is not governed by time and space. In this side of our own reality, brain, we may manifest anything we can think of instantly. which is why when we think of negative things they might not manifest instantly in our normal lives but in our right brains they manifest instantly. and the experience are there instantly as well as the feeling and dis-ease. But we may also manifest positivity instantly also.

When we try to manifest things in this reality it takes longer because this reality is governed by time and space. I can manifest food but it might take me 20 minutes, 4 hours, a week, but i can do it. I am just limited by the physicality of this side of my reality.

I would also suggest that we as human are conduits for information. we are helping it grow along with us. so what we put into our bodies, food, ideas, or poison, we will get some equal coming out. If i eat a lot of bad food, the bad food works its way through my body and what comes out is not good stuff. But if I put in good food then what comes out is good and what it did to me while it was in me was good. This goes for information too. If we focus too much on negative things then we are manifesting them, not later or something but instantly, with our "imagination". If you put good positive loving information in, then it helps your body while its in you, and what you give out to others and the world is the same.

Its a choice that we make, but we are usually unaware of it when we make it. now that i have clarified it a little more, I am a little more aware and will watch what I input. This is me taking responsibility for that. :D

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