31 July, 2008

Aliens live in our right brains

Its not often i do two posts in one day but an idea hit me that I really wanted to put down quickly. This idea that the left brain and right brain sees two separate dimensions of reality hit me again but in a new way. I will reiterate my previous idea.

Our left brains control function and logic. They ground us in this "physical" reality. They interpret the chemical signals our sensory organs send and this is interpreted as reality. Our right brain however is the creative center. It is in the moment and free from boundaries. Letting our left brain take a break and letting our right brain take over lets us live more freely. I think that the right brain sees reality in different way than the left brain. The left brain sees the reality that is limited by time and space. Where manifesting anything, like food for instance, takes a long time. You have to get up and goto the store or fridge and then you have manifested food. If you are a farmer then you must wait months till the food manifests itself in the ground. The right brain is different. You can think of anything and manifest it instantly. So i think it sees a dimension of reality that is not governed by time and space. We visit this place in our imagination, our dreams, and while using psychedelic drugs.

After that being said this idea is around the right brain dimension. Aliens and ghosts seem to only contact people who are in an altered state. Psychedelics being the forefront of all altered states, Shamans for thousands of years have used them to contact "spirits". Images of aliens appear in paintings throughout history. My previous post was about mushrooms being the probe to contact them and them to contact us.

This idea was told to me by a friend but it suggests that aliens and ghosts might live in the dimension of our right brains. We constantly look for them with cameras and different equipment. A rare glimpse in the sky might show you an unidentified flying craft. You see the craft and you say, hey, aliens are on that craft. you have no idea whats on there but you say aliens are. have a single DMT trip and you will discover elves and aliens communicating with you and you with them. Its in such a form that you cant conceptualize it in your normal head space. But when induced into an altered state, you can find them easily. "You can meet the alien, over and over again, depending on how good your connections are ;) "

I hope you can stand my random lines of thinking :D


Nickname unavailable said...

You are onto something of epic proportions. Do you wish to communicate?

Brodie said...

I can not only stand the way you're thinking it excites me! Keep up the good thinking brah!