25 July, 2008

My experience with Salvia

Well my journey has given me quite a lot of information that frankly is just too damn hard to explain because its so much. I decided however to give a glipse of how Salvia Divinorm benefits my life. It restores the reality of the world we live in, without it reality goes unseen. We become blind to the philosophies of our existence and instead let the negativity, stress, and normalization of our day to day lives take hold.

Salvia gives you an altered state for only a few short minutes but it gives you great perceptions and it was the mazatec shamans beliefs that you actually interacted with spirits. It was their way of talking to the spirits. It is a good anti depressant as well and its the same reason. The best way I can describe it is it makes you feel like you are surrounded by loving beings. You cannot see them but you feel they are there.

I would say its like going to a building with a big party going on. You slip off into the closet and you still have the feeling that there are hundreds of people all around you in the various rooms. They all love you and are waiting for you to come back. This perceptual change gives you a greater sense of love which is what spiritual people believe in most. The spirits I have spoken to and that have spoken to me were loving and benevolent.

When I smoke it sometimes they are there and sometimes they are not. When I smoke it and they come, when they speak, they dont use words. Its as if someone has just said something to you and you have this feeling inside of you that they are speaking to you. It feels a lot like I would imagine telepathy feeling. No words are exchanged but rather the raw feelings are coming through. What they have told me is that when I smoke it I open a window so that i can see them. They tell me they are always around me and they all love me. But once again without words. They laugh at me and I laugh at them and they put on a show for me while im there. Its like a very vivid dream.

There is a distinct feeling of being pulled sideways or in all directions. The dreams I usually see have very bright colors and there is a lot of perceptual alterations. I get the sense im on top of a roof, or high like a helicopter or mountain. I see things multiply over and over again. I remember once I saw 50's style pinup girl posters one ater the other, they were moving back and forth like those duck hunting games.

When I leave them and the window closes, I am still sitting where i was and the feelings of love and joy stay with me. There are no negative after effects or addictive chemicals in it so sometimes I will go months without smoking any. After the effects wear off, those feelings that stick with me make me feel wonderful and happy. This benefits my life. I think its one of the greatest herbs you can smoke because of how there are zero negative effects for me and how many positive effects it has on my life.

Some people may say its bad that people use drugs like that but I think I am using a very good one for very good reasons. There is no shame in enhancing ones life however he or she feels they should. I for one see most other drugs and toxins as non beneficial but I am a hypocrite in that area because I drink once in a while and I know its no good. I try to stand up for salvia because I have such wonderful first hand experiences from it. I have only heard one story of a supposed incident with salvia.

A young man killed himself and his parents said it had to be because of the salvia divinorum the kid smoked a month earlier. The kid wrote about his experience and said how it made him feel. I did some more research into the story and found some things that the media didnt give out. They tried to portray it as salvia will cause this. He had a history of depression, he had a problem with alcohol, and had an acne problem. Salvia might have given him insight into reality but his reality was not a happy one to start with. LSD has the same effects for people. People take it for fun but dont realize it will make them see who they really are, then someone jumps off a roof and dies because they were irresponsible. In order to make sure this one doesnt goto that status i recommend having a sitter with you until your comfortable by yourself.

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