28 July, 2008

UFO's and our opinions

A friend of mine came across some footage of a gigantic ufo. This footage is amazing but I can help but be a little cross with a lot of the comments i see being posted. The footage is damn impressive and there are people who are sure its real and just as many who are sure its a fake. They are so sure that they simply say things like "nice computer graphics" or "This looks like war of the worlds test shots". I take the stand that none of these people actually know if it is real or not. You can base your argument on your experience, for instance I am an artist and I can say this footage is very very impressive. The amount of work it would take to composite this into real footage would be very hard to do. But the fact is I dont know if it is real or not. I could only know that if: A. I made it or was a witness to it being created, or B: I was a witness to the massive object flying overhead. So why is it that so many people presume to know the legitimacy of these sort of events? I think they are very absolute in nature and are not comfortable with the opposing ideas. So they say 100% its fake or real because they start out saying the opposite is not possible. I think this is a narrow minded view of the event and possibly transcends the every day events in their lives.

Heres the footage im speaking of.

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