24 July, 2008

Super Heroes

I sort of see super powers as coming back. Some of the super heroes of our past are jesus, buddha, muhamid, and many more. There are also super villians, hitler, Genghis khan, Nepolion. Many are based on fact but many are based on myth and story. I often think, will there be a day thousands of years from now when people think, did a man called superman ever really exist? Or a man that dressed as a bat and fought crime. Their stories are very believable, we look at them now and know who made them up but one day that information could be lost in history.

The new super heroes in movies are not no-named actors, they are actors that have been around for decades. We are literally witnessing them discover their powers within themselves. This is in an imaginated universe but its a universe that is real in our imagination. We tend to live in a physically minded society, where only physical objects and events are classified as "real". We classify our dreams and imagination as not real. I wonder if it is just as real as this universe.

To me these powers might be so normal to us we dont see them as powers. telepathy, powers of manifestation. What if the thoughts we are having are not all ours? would we know the difference or would we simply think, hey, thats a weird thought. What if our imagination is not a dream world but our soul living in the opposite of this universe, one where time and space do not limit you.

When we watch a movie, we get immersed into the story and the story becomes real. When we watch our friends get into a physical fight we get immersed into the story and it becomes real. If we are to define what is real then we need to look at reality once again. Reality just exists, no reason, it exists, always has and always will. We live in a fractal universe based on sacred geometry. What is the reason? i would assume there is none. We are energy that decides to exist the way we do and to experience the things we experience. Our senses tell us what is real and this causes the experience. So whether we are becoming emotionally charged because of our friends fighting or the super hero on screen, what is real is the experience we feel.

That being said I can imagine things that will make me feel scared, happy, loved, anything. This is a true power. I for one really really enjoy good super hero movies. We are at a time in our existence where we can make the stories seem more real than ever and they deserve praise. This is the golden age my friends.

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