07 October, 2010

Wrong Side of the Bed

Today I finally realized the real reason for depression and praying before bed. They dont really sound like two things that belong in the same sentence. One is a mental issue and another is about religion. Or at least those have been the associations of the terms for the past few decades. The truth is that they are both intimately linked to the same delusion. That we are separate from god.

This post come from my perspective, a spiritual student. Scientists will suggest that there is a problem with the brian and that you need medication for depression. Although, obviously, the brain chemistry is different, it is not the actual problem. For some strange reason scientists think its best to dope people up rather than help them change their perspective, which is the real issue for the problem in the first place. The truth is that depression is natural, just as being spiritual is natural. Its simply a matter of a perception. And this may be the problem with healing depression. Scientists dont understand the missing element. Carl Young was a spiritual scientists and understood the need for this knowledge. Not believe, but knowledge. Meaning that he understood you needed to have a relationship with divinity.

Drugs alter the perception of the brain and making the problem seem to "go away". But this does not actually fix the problem. The problem is that as we remain immature when a truly maturing human grows spiritually and develops a relationship with god. Depression is a misguided perception on life.

I woke up this morning really out of sorts. I woke up fine, at 11am, sun bright and warm in my room, queen size bed and me spread out on it, my guinea pig squeaking for food and attention. But for some reason I felt grumpy. I could tell I was a bit depressed and had no idea why. I ended up on a call with a client of mine, logo designs werent right, he needed more. I wasnt sounding happy, felt like I could'nt deliver. I realized my energy was very low.

After some time feeling this way I realized I needed to raise my energy. I ate some oatmeal for fibre, which will burn the “engines” hot and give me steady energy. I had some green tea and even a banana. All great things for high energy. But even after all that I still didnt feel well. I went and sat down and picked up the first book that was lying around and it was a book on chakras that I had looked through here and there. I flipped it open and the exact section I flipped to spoke about the 6th chakra being low in energy, and that this was the problem with feeling depressed. What it said next was a reminder to me, for this was something I had already known, but had recently forgotten. I was a part of God. It said that this is the simple key to depression. Wanting to know my divine connection and asking to remember that, then letting the answers (revelations) come.

The depression is alleviated instantly. The purpose for spirituality is not to feel special, but to remember the fact that you are a part of something bigger than yourself. We need food or we starve, we also need spiritual food, or else our spirit starves and we become depressed, aggressive, uneasy, agitated, and generally unaccepting of any other way but our own.

As I lay in bed it dawned on me that what had happened that day was that I had woken up godless. I forgot who I was, where I was, and temporarily forgot my relationship with my divine roots. This is the real reason for prayer. Not to pray for the things we want but simply to remember the relationship with god that we have naturally. Not in a religious sense, but as reality. So when you go to bed, pray. Remember oneness, remember love, remember compassion and remember kindness, remember a reality that loves you and only wants the best for you, remember gratitude and remember your timeless self. Then sleep. I think then, the morning will feel quite different.

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BhUbAn said...

Sir, you write very nicely, it is a pleasure to read your blog. Please keep writing, may be it is repetitive to say the same thing, but viewing the same truth from different perspective serves a greater purpose in spiritual world.