26 December, 2009

Manifesting what you want is remarkably natural

I admit this is a bit of an elusive title. I base it on the idea that we manifest constantly. If we align ourselves with what is right, bright and true then we cant help but manifest what we desire. We manifest constantly but, because we live a constant stream of manifesting, we tend to become normalized to it and forget that the strings of events start from our consciousness and move outward (or inward depending on how you look at it). Ive been noticing things happening lately that stood out to me rather clearly.

A couple of posts ago I described how I have become interested in the writings of Hunter S. Thompson as well as writing an epic story of my own. I started to realize that I indeed wanted to know how to write better. I want to know how stories are formed and characters are developed. How do I tell this remarkable story I have but which has no real meat to it. As I went through that realization I also thought about high school and all the great things it had to offer. It was just a taste of what learning from a master was about. Here are people ready to teach us, at the very least, the basics and fundamentals that would lead us down a path. I happened to choose the direction of art early on. When I was formulating the idea that high school had so many gifts I wished I could go back and take advantage of more of them. I realize that path would mean i wouldn't be where I am so its pointless to wish for something like that. Instead I decided to remain open to the idea of learning more in this new and bright direction.

Yesterday, on Christmas, I ate dinner at my friends house. This was out of the norm for me but it was a great change-up. I hadn't been to Glenn's house before but it was such a fun experience. There were kids playing, family laughing and having fun together, people playing guitars and jamming together, and all sorts of good times. I knew roughly half the people there, so there was still a lot of newness to be had. As we sat down to dinner I placed myself next to my friend Len (not to be confused with Glenn). On the other side of me sat an older woman who turned out to be Glenn's mother in law. As the havoc of the feast escalated into delicious joy and local conversations I found myself having quite a pleasant and fascinating conversation with Linda, Glenn's mother in law. We started our conversation on mutual interests, starting in watercolor and moving into other areas of the creative arts. As the conversation flowed I told her about my wish to grow as a writer. She then injected that she was a high school English teacher at one point then went to college to learn to teach adults. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This is a person who has taken the other path I now wish to explore and can help me to learn and grow along the way.

I found myself here in this place with this person all because I stayed open to the opportunity. I wont say thats the only reason. I arrived in this place by following a path of positive energy rather than negative energy. This is certainly a large key factor.

Another event happened today that inspired me to write on these ideas. I was walking down the street toward town to buy some guinea pig food for my new Christmas present I lovingly named Joe Dirt. As I walked a thought popped into my head about a business partner that I went and met with. We agreed that his company would provide web programming services for me on my projects. This would enable me to effectively make full websites for my customers by sticking to what I do best, the designs. As I thought about him, and how I haven't used those services, no more than 20 feet later their one and only company car took the corner right in front of me. I connected the dots and got a big jolly grin. It felt like god tickling me from the inside out. This to me was a reminder that the door to that opportunity is still open.

Its amazing what we can do when we are in relative control of ourselves. People, not yet awake to themselves, may think you need to know everything about a situation to choose the right path, and in a sense that's true. its just not true in the mode of a sleeper. We don't need to know specifically what each path will have waiting for us if we choose it. Through experience and practicing being aware, we can truly learn what different energies are able to do for us and what their limitations are. All fear can give you is what fear has to offer. When you give into it and end up with the results it can only give, you see it as it truly is.

All ventures in this life are ways of exploring ourselves. I chose art when I was young and have gone quite in depth with it over the years. The relationship I have with art is the relationship I have with myself. Moving into writing with intentions of growing is no different . But the relationship is just beginning. At one point I didn't call myself an artist till the relationship matured enough. The depths people can go in to with each path can lend to the ego. I think this is precisely why people choose one thing over another. Their ego identifies with something early on and if its given energy then over the years it will grow. I stuck with art, someone else might stick with writing, but its the very same as someone sticking with being a victim. Eventually this is who you see yourself as. And letting go of that becomes a lot of work. I see I am not only an artist. I am anything I want to be in any moment. And manifesting follows.

While I was searching for images to finalize this post I found this site that has a very relevant post. Its right on the same lines as this post. I searched for an image of "self" and found it. Take a read here http://www.integralworld.net/mcintosh4.html


Mark said...

Thanks for reminding us that there is no coincidence. http://effortlessabundance.com/blog/2009/09/11/is-there-such-a-thing-as-coincidence/

Flo NS said...


I agree completely with what you have written. I find that the synchronicities in life are abundent if one could only be open enough to recognize them.

I am constantly amazed, no matter how small the event, at what the universe provides to us. What also amazes me is the simplicity in "ask and you shall receive" and how simple it truly is to ask and recieve instantaneously. I have had the great experience of seeing this in my life on a daily basis. I say thank you to know one in particular and move on.

I don't know yet how this happens, or who or what is responsible, but it is fascinating to see it work.