28 December, 2009

Do all dead celebrities die?

I think the feelings we go through when anyone dies are the same. We find it hard to believe. When my step father passed away when I was a child I remember feeling like he could walk into the room any minute. After the truth sinks in its no longer a question anymore. Celebrities however are a whole different ballgame.

If you take in the odds of all celebrities actually dieing when the news reports it then you would find that even logically not all of them would. People like Elvis, Michael jackson, Saddam Hussein, Hitler. Tupac, and Andy Kaufman are just some of the suspected individuals who fake their own deaths. There are subcultures of investigators that seem to find evidence and testimony to suggest they lived much longer than we "know".

Its easy to imagine how and why someone who is massively famous could fake their own death and escape to a life of solitude and relative peace. As you become famous your life shifts from one of being a bystander to being a focal point for everyone around you. You cannot walk the street without being confronted by all types of people. People who hate you, love you, stalk you, or just know of you. If this amount of attention and energy is unappealing to you all the time then you turn into a bit of a hermit. Only coming out for work. Celebrities these days know it quite well. They walk down the streets wearing sunglasses, beards, hats. All manner of concealing head ware to avoid being spotted and instead choose to be an unknown individual again.

This is an image of Hitler on the right and him again after passing away as an old man in argentina. The suspicion is that he and his wife escaped and killed one of his doubles in place.

When you are oblivious to the arguments for a living celebrity such as Elvis, it just sounds silly. When you take the time to look at the evidence and the testimony you start to realize its completely possible. The feeling I got when I realized this is I felt cheated from something. These great men and women that have done so much for us leave in order to regain their freedom. When we experience what a great person has to give we experience that within ourselves. For people like Hitler and Saddam the effects are just the opposite. They are like beacons of duality. Showing us the greatness we also have within us and the darkness we are capable of.

A good thing to take away from this is knowing that you dont need to know what happened to them. Remember who you are and learn from the truth you see in front of you. If you spend your life trying to investigate something like that then you have become so identified with needing to know that you have lost yourself to it. Let go and remember who you are and be the beacon you choose to be.

If you do become intregued just do some searching.

Check out this video on the Speculation if elvis is dead or alive.

Elvis is Alive? Latest in Fox 8 News: Part-1 - Funny videos are here

And here is my own comparison image of Elvis Presley and suggested living elvis. They say in the video he took in his brothers name, Jesse Presle. This is pretty wild though. Im an artist and characters are my focus normally so I have a keen eye for detail. This def looks like an older elvis! You have to keep in mind too when looking at these that when you are younger your skin is thicker. When you become older is becomes thinner. This is why wrinkles are more pronounced, muscle shapes ar emore rigid. And since he most lilkely wasnt trying to keep up on his good looks he looks rougher. Elvis prob spent the rest of his days, if he isnt still alive, having fun, drinking, and trying all the new drugs that came out.

What I want to see is a "dead" celebrity finally come back to life. It would be pretty amazing to say the least.

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Ash said...

If a celebrity faked their own death I wish them the best at keeping their identity secret so they can learn how to enjoy life again as the "average Joe."