22 September, 2008

We are a living hologram

Lately the syncronicities in my life are pointing me to the idea that we are a living hologram. Or at least we are in one. I was told by a syncromystic to check out the movies "the 13th floor" and "the nines". They are both very interesting movies and remind me a lot of the matrix. The subject matter for the 13th floor and the matrix is quite close.

In the 13th floor computer scientists develop a computer system that works just like our reality. It generates a universe with all the same properties as ours, everything inside of it is electrons building on electrons to create reality. In this system humans emerge, then civilization. The time they create inside is somewhere in the 1930's, where outside it is the 90's. The characters figure out how to let their consciousness go into the machine and go inside bodies that are basically them. They look like themselves, talk like themselves but are really different people with different names and personalities. One of the bots inside this machine finds out its not real and drives out to where it can see the edge of its reality. The man who made the machine realized that the same applies to his reality. The main character learns of this too and drives to the edge of his reality. He is then taken out of his reality and into the one above it which is based around the year 2024.

I found it quite interesting because after he gets out him and his wife think they are finally out and finally in the real reality. Not a machine. I cant tell if the creators of this movie didnt think of it or if they did but just didnt hint to it (that i noticed). That they werent ever going to reach a real reality. They are in an infinite universe of electrons.

This same sort of thing happens in the matrix trilogy. The characters wake up and find that they were in a "fake" computer generated world. When they come out of it they think they are in the real world. I think the wechowski brothers were trying to hint they were not out completely. They did this by having neo try to effect the next level of the matrix and stop a squid machine. He did. He actually used his "the one" powers outside of the matrix. This hurt him and he ended up in the train station inside the matrix again. Even tho he was not linked in directly. This to me suggests they were always inside an infinite matrix and thinking they are free was simply a control.

I dont think they could ever get out of the matrix. Same as us. We are very very close to creating computers that will have realities within them. This may already exist in some underground bunker or in some massive server room somewhere but nothing public yet. The closest we have gotten is videos games. You play the character and run around and do fun things. The character inside the game has no clue its being controlled. The fact is you and the character are now one. You are the character in the game, the difference between this and life is that you know it. You know you can die, fall of cliffs, murder thousands of people. You know it and you know you can start over in a heartbeat and you feel no remorse. Typically the only thing you feel is the burnt ego, you couldnt shoot enough people or your aim wasnt better than the other guys.

The matrix was made of code. A pattern of symbols based in electrons that created a virtual reality so that the beings inside would feel as if they are normal. Our reality is made of code too, made of patterns of light and electrons that form atoms and planets and people and everything. So i think for sure that we are in one. We are growing closer to understanding it too. Holograms are starting to show up as real things, not just star wars fabrications. Prince Charles gave a speach a while ago as a hologram because he did not want to travel and cause all the pollution. The company says they will be able to have hollograms become a normal part of our society very soon.

We have seen holograms in many movies and even now reality. But what if we actually are one and we dont know it? I was imagining the idea that instead of running the video game we are the video game. I saw that i could die and start over no different than i am now. I think alan watts made the most sense out of it when he said, originally painters were used to paint portraits. One painter made a portrait of a princess that was sent to a king, the painter painted in the princess's favor and the king killed her (this could be wrong). After that painters painted realistically. They honed their skills. Then came the photograph, but it was still not good enough so they made better ones and eventually in color. But it was still not good enough, a bad representation. They had to move. So they created the Movie. An illusion of a series of images created a motion. But even this was not good enough, they added audio. Then they added color. And now we find that the images are not clear enough so they are becoming more clear. We can send live feeds now too. Then comes the hologram. The person can stand right in front of you. But even this is not good enough, they will soon make the air solid so you can touch it. Then they will make it so you can interact with it. Then we will start to possibly forget this reality or remember who and what we are.

I imagine that we are playing a giant game and we have been playing so long that we forgot that we were playing. This is the idea that was presented in the movie "The Nines" with Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Reynold plays a creator god.

"The Nines" consists of three linked stories that exist in distinct but overlapping parallel universes, each challenging the other's claim to reality. The same actors -- Ryan Reynolds, Hope Davis and Melissa McCarthy -- play different characters in each, although their roles serve similar functions. Reynolds is an actor in the first story, a screenwriter in the second and a TV character who is a famous video game designer in the third. Through each of these characters, questions of identity and existence, creation and control, reality and fantasy are attacked from almost every conceivable angle, spinning a grabby mystery.

This is a hard movie to swallow because the concept of knowing your god is far beyond most peoples comprehension. I suspect that we all just wanna see with our eyes, but the Mayan prophecy says that we should prepare to see with our minds. Consciousness is growing to remember something it has forgotten. To see what is to come we must look hard at what is happening around us. The synchronicities speak to us more clearly sometimes than words. I am not sure what happens when we feel one, I have felt this and its unpleasant. I remembered that I just wanted to come back and feel normal again. Feeling separate can feel better than feeling one if you are not ready to accept yourself completely. I think we are getting closer to doing just that.

Prince Charles Hologram

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Ben said...

I am dissapointed that this post doesn't have more comments.

Amazingly written. I fully agree.
The EGO wants to desperately cling to doubt (viewing our current system as linear in the future) but My "higher self" is aware that we are in for a great treat.