19 August, 2008

Sureal Dream

I had a very sureal yet vivid dream last night. I remembered what I saw so well that I decided to try and depict it. My depiction is very very basic compared to what i saw. I believe I was at the edge of something, i felt like i was at the edge of a river or baseball stands on a dark night. I saw the sky and saw bright lights in the sky. The lights were just a sliver of the moon and I could barelly make it out. The sky changed shape and I saw a dark star appear. I pointed to the sky to get everyone to look at it and I said "Its a solar system". I saw a brown cloud of matter appear and then disapate. The dark star soon turned into a bright orb and started changing into various forms of matter in the same ball shape. It was very interesting, it came up to us and because it was a bright ball of light we thought it might burn us or hurt us. Many of the people pushed it away as did I. Then something inside my told me it was okay. I put my hand up to touch it and as i went to put my hand on it i remember thinking that this could hurt or not. I felt I was throwing caution into the wind. I placed my hand on it and it didnt hurt. It felt good. The object then turned into a grey ball and looked a lot like the moon. It started to grow around my hand and encompass it. The grey ball then changed shape into a face and smiled at us all. the people with me started clapping for it and it grew slightly and started to clap. Its arms were still small and clay, looking more like a seal clapping.

This dream seems to be consisting of part of the movie abyss which i watched yesterday and the day before i was at a beach and saw the sliver of moon and couldnt tell what it was for a while. Its funny how our minds combine things like this to generate the experiences for ourselves. I saw the sliver turn into something magical which did not happen for me in real life although i wanted it to. I got to meet an unknown entity just as mysterious and kind as the one from abyss.

here are the quick sketches i drew to try and depict it.

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Zaimless said...

Excellent post.. really like it.. well done kiddo....