05 August, 2008

NWO, Alex Jones Fear monguring

Alex Jones is a well known radio host. He speaks out against the controlling factors of our governments and expresses loudly that we should be opposed to them. He spreads knowledge and fear of the New World Order (NWO). But is this a good thing? We live in a time where we are being manipulated every single day of our lives. Media, advertising, scientific and religious opinion, fashion and self image. We are manipulated into our deepest instincts, food, fear, sex. And this is obvious with what we are bombarded with. Non stop advertising about fast foods, advertisers using sex to sell, then news and other programs showing us what to be afraid of each day. And all this blinds the public. They concentrate on these things rather than looking at what matters.

Alex Jones and his followers consider what they are doing as a revolution, I think its hurting rather than helping. We have always had a controlling factor atop of us, so whats so different now? We are blinded from the truth. TV and media programming is brainwashing us to consume more and more, to fight amongst ourselves, psychedelic drugs are illegal because they make us look at ourselves and see what we are doing to our earth and friends, they also let us see how we are being controlled. We are blind and willfully becoming more blind.

The new world order and alex jones both want to spread fear, whether they know it or not. Fear is a joke, people lock themselves up in their houses and become stressed over everything in life. They become paranoid and worry about everything. This is fear. And its useless. Spreading it will not free us, it will enslave us as it always has. If you dont understand that then you arent really trying. When we embrace fear we embrace worry and doubt. Finding happiness is finding the good moments.

So should we rise up and take out our government, or should we relax and let live the good life while it lasts. I think its the same as retirement. People work their whole lives in misery just to have the last few years of their life in supposed happiness. But happiness to them is doing no work. This is just confusing. The only way to enjoy life is by not working? Then why are you working so hard just to have that? I say have it each day. Dont worry about retirement and relaxing one day. Do it now. Do it your whole life and enjoy it. Enjoy every moment, good or bad. Because there will be good and bad. We cannot avoid it, avoiding it only makes it seem worse. If we master this then life can start to seem good. We no longer focus on the bad, its a fly on the wall. An inconvenient occurrence.

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Jared Lambert said...

Alex Jones is informing us all. The fear is not external, the fear is inside. If what Alex Jones says makes you afraid, this is your decision. Fear mongering is an action, all intelligent actions require intent. The intent of Alex Jones is to inform you of the things that mainstream media will keep under wraps, he does it out of love. All have a right to know how they are being effected by the decisions of a few lost amnesic beings. It doesn't really matter what they do, because their illusion is that they can control you. The intent of mainstream media, controlled by the global elite, is to keep you in constant fear, they are in the wrong. If Alex Jones is in the wrong, then he will come to no harm in Chantilly, VA. He will.