21 January, 2008

My first blog, my first post

Well I have to say welcome to my new blog. At this point I am very unsure where I might go with this blog. I assume I will post my ramblings and thoughts regarding any i imagine or deal with at any particular time.

I just finished editing together a youtube video about DMT, audio by Joe Rogan. It explains that DMT , the most powerful psycedelic known to man is actually created in our brain. Ive just learned that is not true but rather that it is produced in muscles throughout your body. This chemical is what makes you daydream, dream, and pro

I should also explain that I am a freelance artist. check my website at www.bestofthebeast.com

This is all for now I will post more later.

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Spiritual Possibilian said...

What can I say David. Amazing stuff and really well presented. I am very new to blogging. How can I follow your blog I dont see any "Follow" icon.

Good Luck

Spiritual Possibilian