27 January, 2008

I am getting tired of TV...

And I don't think I am the only one.

When you leave a tv on in the background it can get quite annoying when every few minutes it switches over to a commercial that you could care less about. But you are willing to hear it anyway because your show is about to come back on. The problem isn't that I am having to put up with annoying sounds. Its that those annoying sounds are actually words, carefully placed to manipulate my conscious and subconscious wants.

We're In a lot of trouble. The rich white man dies, and what will that do to the price of rice? More so, why is that woe to us? Because you people and 130 million other americans are watching the tv right now. Because less than 3% of you read books. Because less than 15% of you read newspapers. Because only 57% of Americans ever read a book. Because the only truth you know is what you get over the tube. Right now there is a whole generation that never knew anything that didnt come out of this tube.

This tube is the gossple, the ultimate revelation. This tube can make or break presidents, popes, prime ministers. This tube is the most awesome force in the whole world. And who knows what shit will be played off as truth.

Television is not the truth, television is a god damn amusement park. Television is a circus, a traveling carnaval, a troop of acrobats, story tellers, dancers, side show freaks, lion tamers, and football players.

They are in the boredom killing business. If you want the truth goto god, goto your gurus and profits. GOTO YOU SELVES! Because thats the only place your gonna find any real truth.

You will never get any truth from the tube. They will tell you anything you want to hear, they lie like hell. They will tell you that CSI always get the killers, and that no one ever gets cancer at Ray Barone house. And that no matter how much trouble the hero gets in just look at your watch, at the end of the hour he is going to win. They will tell you any shit you want to hear. They give you illusions but none of it is true!

We sit here day after day, night after night, all colors, creeds. They are all we know. We are beginning to believe the illusions they are spinning. That the tube is reality and that our own lives are unreal. We do whatever the tube tells us. We dress like the tube, we eat like the tube, we raise our children like the tube, we even think like the tube.


Turn them off and leave them off. Turn them off and never turn them on again!

You might start to realize that your life is a lot longer. Time goes a bit slower. Discover the love you had for nature or an old hobby. Enjoy the company of friends and family.

Produce creative videos on youtube.

Your reality does not have to be given to you through a TV. You can pick what reality you want.

Network, Mad as hell.

"I don't have to tell you that things are bad, everybody knows things are bad. Theres a depression. Every bodies out of work or scared of loosing their job. Banks are going bust, a dollar buys a nickels worth, shop keepers keep a gun under the counter. Punks are running wild in the street and there doesnt seem to be anyone that knows what to do and theres no end to it. We know that our air is unfit to breath and our food is unfit to eat. We sit in front of our tv and watch as a newscaster tells us that today we had 15 homicides, 63 violent crimes as if this is the way its supposed to be. We know things are bad, worse than bad, its like everything everywhere is going crazy so we dont go out anymore. We sit in our house and slowly the world we're living in is getting smaller. We say please at least leave us alone in our living rooms, let me have my toaster, my tv, my computer, and I wont say anything just leave us alone. "

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