05 January, 2011

Too blind to see God

After watching a short interview with Richard Dawkins and Ben Stein talk about God I began to think on this subject again. How can a scientist, someone who is identified with the rigger and mechanical thinking of science, ever truly see God? There are ways that could make it possible but this is not an intellectual exercise. In fact it has nothing to do with the intellect. It seems that, as is anyone trying to understand something they are closed minded to, they are identified with a certain way of thinking and anything beyond this thinking is literally beyond them. Richard Dawkins is well known for trying to put down ideas of God and I find it amazing because he makes no effort to really relate to ideas presented. He resists this thinking the whole time. So instead of letting bygons be bygons he is actually uncomfortable with his lack of knowledge within himself and attempts to reinforce his own way of thinking.

So how does a Scientist begin to see God? I think its like seeing the forest for the trees. The truth is that there are many scientists that believe in God. And not a god that is some white dude in the sky that created us and filters his prayer emails. God as reality, existence.

You are introduced to new parts of yourself through your life and thus the relationship between you and yourself develops. This is also quite psychological. When you are faced, internally or externally, with that new part of yourself you either resist it or you have a relationship with it and it within yourself. I think this is hard to grasp because we lack confidence in being open to all ideas and truths, we tend to gravitate to one identification of self or another, making any openness foggy if not completely closed. This happens because we are fearful, because we feel separate from reality, as if we are on the outside looking in. And in that case you would be. When you have experienced that relationship, you may look inward. Then all outward experiences are also internal ones.

It seems to be that people just have problems with ideas. Even now as I write this, it is my way of working out my issues with ideas. I see god in a way that I see God. Its infinite, expansive, omnipotent, conscious, and loving. Someone else will see God as a being to worship and to fear, and others will imagine many other forms. This does not make any of them false. Scientists like to believe they have the truth. But truth is relative. Facts are not. The fact is you cannot discount one mans internal truth over another without limiting your own potential to discover something new within your internal experience of reality. I think scientists like Dawkins are actually evangelical scientists. They believe there is no other truth but science truth. That there is no better way to exist in society than as a scientifically minded person. Personally I think its extremely important and normal to live spiritually. Its the way its been done since humans could think. Spirituality to me means we cultivate the ability to relate to reality as life, which it is. As we move into the future in this scientific society/environment our minds are changing. Science is helping people to disconnect from life and thus everyone is beginning to feel broken and lost. Depression is at an all time high. Take back what was already yours.

I feel that if the only reality you are willing to accept is one that you can repeat in a lab then Im afraid you are too uptight about life. I met a woman the other day who insisted imagined thoughts were not real. This is the same line of ignorant thinking. She needs to limit what she can accept as real and true in order to feel secure and comfortable in reality. If those thoughts werent real, then how can they exist?

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Ash said...

Spirituality to me is when an individual accepts the supernatural; i.e., miracles, spiritual talents, spiritual welfare, and epiphanies. I am basing my understanding of spirituality on Christianity, however, I am not saying that it is the only, or best way to understand the spiritual. Great reading, you always make me think outside of the box, thank you.